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Pro Cycling Expertise for All

The Right Gear Bicycle Shop in Kannapolis NC carries a wide range of the latest bicycles and equipment. But that’s not why you should come and see us. We have the expertise to know what’s available and to ensure that you get the best bike and the best gear to suit your goals and your budget.

We can say that with confidence because we live and breathe cycling, not just 9-5 in the shop, but out on the road, in the van, inside the team car, deep inside the pro peloton. We work with the pros, day in and day out, year round. We’ve seen it all and know what works, and what’s junk backed by nothing but slick marketing.

Not only that, but we are renowned for the POWRFIT, a proprietary fitting methodology that ensures supreme comfort while delivering optimal power. A POWRFIT will engineer your bike to fit your body, so you’re not in an unbalanced, cramped, or tense position, that will only drain your power and cause pain. Riding your bike should be fun. If it’s not, you need a POWRFIT. Got aches or pains? You need a POWRFIT. Looking to buy a new bike but not sure which make or model is best suited to your needs? Come and see us. A POWRFIT will capture your key measurements and bio-mechanics, identify the best bikes, and ultimately save you a lot of grief.