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Coronavirus Update: We’re Open Longer Hours! (July 25, 2021)

Open are open but with limited hours in 2021

  • Mon, Wed, Fri 11AM-7PM
  • Sat 9AM-5PM
  • Closed: Tues and Thur

If you are sick or show any symptoms please stay home. Call us and we will try to work with you but safety (ours and yours) will always be paramount.

For everyone’s safety please observe the 6 feet rule!

No fittings or test rides until further notice.

Pro Cycling Expertise for All


The Right Gear Bicycle Shop in Kannapolis NC carries a wide range of the latest bicycles and equipment. But that’s not why you should come and see us. We have the expertise to know what’s available and to ensure that you get the best bike and the best gear to suit your goals and your budget.

We can say that with confidence because we live and breathe cycling, not just 9-5 in the shop, but out on the road, in the van, inside the team car, deep inside the pro peloton. We work with the pros, day in and day out, year round. We’ve seen it all and know what works, and what’s junk backed by nothing but slick marketing.

Not only that, but we are renowned for the POWRFIT, a proprietary fitting methodology that ensures supreme comfort while delivering optimal power. A POWRFIT will engineer your bike to fit your body, so you’re not in an unbalanced, cramped, or tense position, that will only drain your power and cause pain. Riding your bike should be fun. If it’s not, you need a POWRFIT. Got aches or pains? You need a POWRFIT. Looking to buy a new bike but not sure which make or model is best suited to your needs? Come and see us. A POWRFIT will capture your key measurements and bio-mechanics, identify the best bikes, and ultimately save you a lot of grief.

Greg Henderson Lead Out Drills

Too often we think pros are just better than us; that they don’t have to train. to get it right you have to do it a lot. 72kph hurts. Watch how much faster they are the second time. and watch Hendy try to hold Greipel’s wheel as long as possible. cause if Hendy’s on it; no one else can be!

2013 Repair Classes

The New Year brings many things; including The Right Gear’s world famous Repair School. Taught by professional road mechanic Jim O’Brien (UCI Pro-Elite, USAC Cat. 1, head mechanic Bissell Pro Cycling team) the Repair School starts with the basics every cyclist must know and progresses to advanced skills that allow you to do much of your own bicycle maintenance. If you really want to get dirty…..      This year’s classes will start at 7:00 pm on Jan.16 with Part 1. Part 2 will be on Jan. 23, finishing with Part 3 on Jan. 30. All classes will be taught in The Right Gear’s service department. A syllabus with bullet points will be provided. Cost for the three sessions is $50.00; the stories will be free.

The Right Gear’s New Home!

We are up and running! The limit screws might need a little tweaking and the bottom bracket has an annoying creak but at least the move is over! Huzzah!The new store is located at 808- 810 North Church St. in Concord, NC. The Fitting suite is back open and Jim is already taking advance bookings. Marcee has done magical things in the new clothing department. The Service department is so different from the old one that Jesus has to wear dark glasses! Come check out The New Right Gear!

“The Boss is Away” Sale

Look, we’ll be honest, we’re moving soon and there’s a ton of good stuff that we can’t throw out but we don’t feel like moving it either. So while the boss is away for a couple of weeks, we’re giving crazy deals on some very cool cycling gear. You help us by lightning our moving load, and we’ll thank you by giving you an unbeatable price.

Sound good? Get in here before the boss gets wind of this!

Is Your Bike Ready for Spring?

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! With the weather steadily warming up, now’s the perfect time to bring your bike in and let us check it over carefully, grease those parts you never even knew existed, check tires, chains, cables and brakes, and make sure your bike is ready to roll at her best when the sun pops out.

Come in and see us!

New Website

Welcome to the new website, we hope you like it. There’s much more to come, photos, videos, blog posts on the racing scene, bike maintenance tips and much more. We’re just getting started, so stay tuned.

Saturday AM Ride

The SAMBO (Saturday AM Bicycle Outing) leaves from the shop on Saturdays 8:00 AM. Come over and enjoy the routes in Cabarrus County.

The SAMBO is a no drop ride. It doesn’t matter how fast you ride, you will not ride alone! Cycling is a great sport and is even more fun with a group. The racer’s have their groups now you have one too!

See you on the SAMBO!

Jim’s Famous Bike Clinic is Back

What’s the proper way to change a tube? How often should you check your chain and how do you know when it’s time for a new one? What parts of your bike need grease and which parts should you absolutely keep grease away from? All these questions and more will be answered in Jim’s Bike Clinic. When you finish this course you may not be a pro cycling mechanic, but you’ll be almost as good as one!