2013 Repair Classes

The New Year brings many things; including The Right Gear’s world famous Repair School. Taught by professional road mechanic Jim O’Brien (UCI Pro-Elite, USAC Cat. 1, head mechanic Bissell Pro Cycling team) the Repair School starts with the basics every cyclist must know and progresses to advanced skills that allow you to do much of your own bicycle maintenance. If you really want to get dirty…..      This year’s classes will start at 7:00 pm on Jan.16 with Part 1. Part 2 will be on Jan. 23, finishing with Part 3 on Jan. 30. All classes will be taught in The Right Gear’s service department. A syllabus with bullet points will be provided. Cost for the three sessions is $50.00; the stories will be free.

The Right Gear’s New Home!

We are up and running! The limit screws might need a little tweaking and the bottom bracket has an annoying creak but at least the move is over! Huzzah!The new store is located at 808- 810 North Church St. in Concord, NC. The Fitting suite is back open and Jim is already taking advance bookings. Marcee has done magical things in the new clothing department. The Service department is so different from the old one that Jesus has to wear dark glasses! Come check out The New Right Gear!